In response to the approval of the 2016-17 Budget by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisorson June 27, 2016, Chair Hilda L. Solis issued the following statement:

“I am very pleased to see that we are addressing the needs of our unincorporated areas through this budget.

Specifically, we are adding new Sheriff’s deputies for patrol and zoning enforcement officers to address issues like graffiti removal, nuisance abatement and code enforcement in the unincorporated areas.

We are implementing a significant increase to our Parks After Dark program, which is a proven benefit to our communities and families. We are also providing ongoing and one-time funding to expand outreach efforts and services related to Prop 47, and we have begun addressing the Coroner’s needs, with support that will help to address the backlogs in that Office.

In addition, today I introduced a motion that passed unanimously to add Environmental Health Oversight and Monitoring as a fifth priority for the County of Los Angeles. In light of the recent environmental health issues impacting residents who live near the Exide and Quemetco battery recycling plants, and most recently, the Fruitland Fire in Maywood, I see a substantial need to ensure that we can continue to adequately and effectively respond to hazards that impact the residents and businesses across the County.”

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