upervisor Solis is a strong advocate of the arts. Recently, she authored a motion to increase funding to nonprofit organizations that use the arts to support their mission while primarily providing a wider range of services and programs.

Applications for this new grant program will be available to nonprofit organizations on September 16 and will become a national model for arts funding. Supervisor Solis also believes in the importance of diversifying the boards of arts organizations and their staffs, as well as ensuring greater access to arts programs for underserved communities.

Each year, the Supervisor sponsors twenty free concerts in parks throughout her district. She has contributed major support to the Youth Orchestra LA (YOLA), an organization that provides youth between the ages of 6 to 18 years opportunities to participate in a weekly program that offers 12-15 hours of training musical and social growth each week.

Recently, she worked with the LA Phil to bring a concert by Venezuela’s Simon Bolivar Orchestra to the Pomona area and to hold a free Neighborhood Concert at Cal State LA with YOLA. In addition, she is working with the Arts Commission to make the arts core in K-12 public education throughout the 81 school districts in LA County.

The Supervisor works closely with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to ensure that the arts remain robust and thriving. The Arts Commission fosters excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding, and accessibility of the arts. They fund over 360 nonprofit arts organizations through a two-year $9 million grant program.  Deadlines vary between October and November 2015.  For more information, visit For a comprehensive calendar of cultural events within Los Angeles County, visit

Download PDF version here.