The Environment

From her days at the State Senate where she codified an Environmental Justice policy for the state of California and established a State Conservancy in the San Gabriel Valley, Supervisor Solis has long been a visionary advocate for the environment.

After the State Senate, Solis continued her advocacy in the U.S. Congress, where she represented the San Gabriel Valley, and helped kick start the study that would eventually lead to the San Gabriel Mountains being named as a national monument.  She also authored the Green Jobs Act, which provided funding for job training for veterans, displaced workers, at-risk youth, and low-income individuals seeking employment in the ever-growing “green” economy.

One of her proudest moments as Secretary of Labor was the publication of “Why Green is your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career,” which was part of a comprehensive manual designed to help women with job training and career development as they pursue careers in  nontraditional industries.

Serving on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Solis understands the need to continue pressing for environmental justice. She has supported funding for parks and parklets in urban neighborhoods and other initiatives that promote sustainability.

Supervisor Solis is collaborating with many County agencies and State legislators to revitalize the Lower Los Angeles River.  Since taking office in December 2014, Supervisor Solis has worked closely with leaders from southeastern cities to help in the upkeep of the River and has called for the creation of a working group to help identify additional spaces that could be converted into parks, assist in securing additional funding resources and draft a timeline measuring the progress of the River’s revitalization.

Supervisor Solis understands that our regional rivers and creeks offer local residents many recreational opportunities. To that end, she has championed for the creation of more bike paths along the San Jose Creek in East San Gabriel, Dalton Wash near West Puente Valley and Walnut Creek in San Dimas. As a jewel of the Emerald Necklace, Whittier Narrows is the most visited regional park in Los Angeles County and Supervisor Solis plans to improve on the park’s beauty by installing more splash pads, trails and picnic shelters. In her first few months in office, she has already helped establish a County-wide sustainability council made up of representatives from various departments, as well as favored motions supporting a County-wide parks needs assessment survey.

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