Supervisor Hilda L. Solis is proud to announce that the Pomona Valley Medical Hospital Center (PVHMC) has officially received its Level II Trauma Center designation, which is the first of its kind in the San Gabriel Valley.

“This is a wonderful asset for the First District and a promise fulfilled to my community since joining the County Board of Supervisors. Patients in need of critical care can now have access to top-tier medical staff and emergency services,” said Supervisor Solis. “Emergencies happening in this part of the County can now be rapidly addressed by newly recruited and certified medical staff at Pomona Valley Medical Hospital Center.”

The opening of this much needed trauma facility for Pomona residents and the surrounding communities has been one of the top priorities for Supervisor Solis. Through her leadership efforts, Supervisor Solis was able to champion a motion before the board within six weeks of taking office to re-establish the Pre-Trauma Center Designation Agreement, a major step forward in the opening of the new trauma center. Today, we see this monumental project come to fruition and add on to the larger vision of providing high quality patient care in Los Angeles County.

In the past, during the critical moments after a severe injury, patients from the San Gabriel Valley were transported by ambulance or helicopter to nearby trauma centers more than 25 miles away. These trips could take up to 30 minutes and this delay could end up being fatal for the victim. Studies have indicated that treatment of severe injuries at a trauma center improves a patient’s chances of survival by 25%.

Supervisor Solis added, “Proximity to quality trauma care makes a significant difference during an emergency situation. This center gives ER patients access to the right care, at the right time, at a place close to home.”

PVHMC as a Trauma Center expects to deliver care to about 1,400 patients annually. The facility will service approximately 550,000 residents in the nearby communities. The newly designated Trauma Center is equipped with eight recently recruited trauma surgeons, 23 additional beds and a two-bed trauma bay to the expanded Emergency Department, a helipad for aerial transports, and a Trauma Intensive Care unit with twelve beds.


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