They come from business, the philanthropic community, the professional arena and even military service: it’s a new group of County commissioners that was confirmed this week by the Board of Supervisors after being asked by County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis to serve and assist her in representing the First District.

These individuals, who come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, also are usually very involved with their communities and advocate for them in different ways. Being part of a County Commission allows them to offer their expertise and passion to specific issues and help shape the County’s policies.

“I am proud to appoint these new public servants. I am appreciative of their service and look forward to their leadership on these important Commissions,” said the Supervisor.

These are the newly confirmed commissioners:

Kerry Doi – Los Angeles County Small Business Commission.

kerry doi Mr. Kerry Doi is the Founder, President and CEO of the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment since 1976. PACE is the largest pan-Asian nonprofit community development organization in California. Kerry has spent the past 40 years as a community advocate and leader within the Asian American/Pacific Islander and other ethnic, low-income communities of Los Angeles.

The Small Business Commission is charged with providing advice and support to the Board of Supervisors to help small business grow and do business with Los Angeles County.

Wendy Garen – Commission for Children and Families

WendyGarenMs. Wendy Garen currently serves as President and CEO of the Parsons Foundation. She has been a leader in supporting programs focused on providing services to traditionally underserved and disadvantaged populations, primarily focusing on children, families and the elderly.

The Commission for Children and Families advises the Board of Supervisors on improving the delivery of children’s services, and will play a critical role in overseeing the implementation of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection report recommendations.

Hector Perez-Pacheco – Los Angeles County Community Action Board

hector perez pachecoHector Perez-Pacheco is involved in issues affecting the civil rights and welfare of Native Americans, and is dedicated to preserving the traditions of native people. He is a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised as he has worked for over 15 years to improve the social, educational and economic condition of disadvantaged communities. Hector is a resident of the First District, in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles. He brings this background of service to the Community Action Board, which is charged with oversight of the Community Services Block Grant and ensuring successful self-sufficiency and well-being for all in Los Angeles County.

Bennett W. Root, Jr., Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Ben Root is an attorney and real estate broker and has a long standing personal commitment to addressing problems of alcohol abuse and assisting those in recovery from addictive diseases. He actively volunteers in helping others with their own recovery in the San Gabriel Valley. The Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs advises the Board of Supervisors on alcohol and other drug issues with the goal of reducing problems and the negative impact of alcohol and other drug use on the quality of life in the Los Angeles County.

Rosemary C. Veniegas, Ph.D. – Hospitals and Health Care Delivery Commission

rosemary-veniegasRosemary Veniegas is the Health Program Officer at the California Community Foundation, where she works on issues related to the Affordable Care Act, federally qualified health centers, safety net hospitals, and community-based organizations. She also provides expertise on mental health and substance use, and manages grants for seniors, persons with disabilities, transition aged youth and other special populations to ensure the delivery of high quality services. The Hospitals and Health Care Delivery Commission advises the Director of Health Services and Board of Supervisors on all matters pertaining to patient care policies and programs of the County hospital system.