The Board of Supervisors voted today to approve final action for the highly anticipated Puente Hills Landfill Park Master Plan Project. The new project is a long range master plan that will develop a portion of what was formerly the largest landfill in the western United States into a regional park, providing recreation and open space for County of Los Angeles residents.

“Our recreational areas are an important part of life for our residents. We want to provide a unique regional destination that encompasses accessibility, safety, nature, and fun for the whole family,” said Chair Solis. “The goal is to bring the best activities and resources for our residents. We hope our communities become motivated to live healthy lifestyles and discover the nature that lies in their own backyard.”

The new regional park will focus on providing a wide-range of recreational amenities while ensuring excellent public health and safe landfill operations. It also dedicates more than two-thirds of the future park site to open space. Additionally, the space will bring natural and cultural resources as well as an integrated wildlife habitat. Features will include an outdoor performance area, a family play area, a dog park, picnic areas, bird watching, family nature programs, and multi-use trails. The future park neighbors the Fourth Supervisorial district and communities including, La Puente, City of Industry, Pico Rivera, West Covina, and El Monte.

Chair Solis added, “As an important community space, it was imperative that our residents shared their perspective and outlook on such a vital project. We hope the revitalization of this 142 acre space serve as a recreational haven for families in the region.”

The finalization of the Master Plan was made in part by the help of community input and various meetings. Many of the proposed amenities originated from community perspective and took into consideration the relationship of the site to the adjoining natural areas and wildlife corridor. The Master Plan envisions three major phases of development of this future park over the next 30 years. The first-phase beings this upcoming year as final designs for the park are put in place. Construction of the park and its amenities will begin in 2018.


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