LOS ANGELES – Chair Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved her motion to ensure access to the child tax credit and other financial relief:

“Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and his administration, the country is now uniquely positioned to significantly reduce childhood poverty in America.

With the introduction of the largest Child Tax Credit in history through the American Rescue Plan, payments of up to $4,600 a year per child will be distributed to families, depending on the child’s age.

Our goal at the County is to ensure that every eligible family is made aware and fully seizes this opportunity to secure funding that can go towards essential needs such as a food, rent, childcare, clothing and more.

Through this motion, the County is aligning departmental resources to effectively conduct outreach and promote the Child Tax Credit, how to apply for it and how to secure other benefits like the Golden State stimulus here in California.

A coordinated effort that encompasses outreach to ethnic media, social media, leveraging of promotores, grassroots marketing efforts, and connections with community-based organizations, will help us reach eligible families who would otherwise be at a loss without this resource.”

The motion directs the Executive Director of the Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) in the Department of Consumer & Business Affairs (DCBA) to: Implement a campaign to inform and encourage immigrant families to apply for the tax and stimulus credits available to them, utilizing ethnic media, social media platforms, trusted community partners, and the new promotoras and services navigators program being created in OIA; Partner with the Departments of Public Health and Mental Health, and DCBA’s Center for Financial Empowerment to leverage their service navigators and promotoras programs to inform and encourage immigrants to claim all the tax and stimulus credits available to them; Work with relevant community-based organizations to create a culturally and linguistically appropriate toolkit that other County Departments and stakeholders can utilize to inform their clients about the tax and stimulus credits available to them; and to report back on the above in 30 days.

Additionally, the motion directs the Department of Public Social Services target eligible households for the Child Tax Credit, despite their non-tax filing status, and work to promote Child Tax Credit so that many families eligible for this benefit will apply. It also directs the Chief Executive Office’s Legislative Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations Branch to advocate for a five-year extension of the Child Tax Credit, as outlined in President Biden’s American Families Plan or similar proposals that will provide economic stability and well-being to all households; Apply an anti-racism lens to new and existing policies to promote economic well-being for all families; and Eliminate barriers to Latinx children’s access to benefits.

To view the full motion, click here.