LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Hilda L. Solis, Supervisor to the First District, released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved her motion to authorize the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to participate in and accept additional funding allocation for the Transitional Housing Program (THP) and the Housing Navigators Programs, respectively.

“Lack of support, financial resources, and housing instability are only a few of the issues that foster youth encounter as they are exiting the foster care system as young adults. We cannot expect foster youth to come out of the system and successfully navigate their everyday lives without stable housing.

A year ago, I authored two motions directing DCFS to pursue state funding for transitional housing and a housing navigator program. Considering that we are in the middle of a devastating pandemic and an overwhelming housing crisis, we have every reason to continue funding these programs that tremendously support our foster youth as they exit out of the system.

That is why with my motion, the Board of Supervisors will authorize DCFS to participate in and accept additional funding for the Transitional Housing Program and Housing Navigators Program. Under the Transitional Housing Program, youth formerly in foster care who are ages 18 to 25 will continue to receive temporary housing as they depart foster care. Under the Housing Navigators program, youth receive guidance and support in identifying appropriate and available housing options, financial support for move-in costs, such as deposits, and stabilization support including budgeting, establishing utilities and landlord communication.

By providing the tools and resources youth need to successfully thrive after exiting foster care, we can start to address core issues that lead to homelessness and reduce the possibility of youth living on the streets for a lack of housing after departing foster care. It is the only way we will truly begin to address social issues like homelessness.”

To view the motions, click here (35-D) and here (35-E).

CONTACT: Kimberly Ortega, Acting Communications Director, (213) 361-6435 or KOrtega@bos.lacounty.gov