Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Hilda L. Solis, Supervisor to the First District, issued the following statement after the Board of Supervisors passed the 2021-22 Supplemental Budget, which brought the County’s total budget to $39.3 billion:

“Despite the pandemic and its effects on our economy, the County of Los Angeles has demonstrated budgetary resilience,” shared Chair Solis. “This is due primarily to the County’s prudent, long standing fiscal policies that ensure we remain on budget throughout the year as well as the painful, but necessary curtailments we took last year. As further evidence of the County’s strong fiscal standing, this past week, Standard and Poor’s moved the County’s AAA rating – the highest rating possible from this credit rating agency – back to Stable from the Negative Outlook we scored last year due to the pandemic. I’m very proud of this achievement especially given the turbulent economic times we are in, and appreciate the hard work of our County departments who made this possible. Additionally, we would not have made it through the budgetary turmoil caused by COVID as well as we did without the financial support of our Federal government and the State. To that end, I am immensely thankful to President Joe Biden and Governor Gavin Newsom ─ it was because of their assistance that we were able to protect our employees from any financial impact due to COVID. This budget reflects the County’s efforts to level the playing field by having equity serve as our north star in the distribution of our safety net resources. Today’s action continues with that commitment, and includes many of my priorities to directly serve our most vulnerable residents.”

Passage of today’s supplemental budget includes the following allocations which Chair Solis advocated for:

  • $1.1 million to establish a new health center in the Westlake community of Los Angeles.
  • $1.5 million for the operational costs of the new Urgent Care Center at the El Monte Comprehensive Health Center.
  • $2.1 million to fund positions for the newly created Jail Closure Implementation Team, a team that was established and dedicated to lead the Board of Supervisors’ mandate to depopulate and demolish Men’s Central Jail.
  • $5 million in Measure B funding to expand the Trauma Prevention Initiative for the purposes of increasing the amount of gang prevention and intervention services in violence-impacted communities (this is in addition to the $20 million for these services in Federal American Rescue Plan funding).
  • $27.4 million in initial funding for the Youth Justice Reimagined Development Fund.
  • $601,000 and a net increase of 26 positions to support various public health programs, such as tobacco control and prevention, HIV services and communicable diseases.
  • $6.5 million for the Guaranteed Basic Income pilot that will get money directly to transition-age youth receiving General Relief to help with living expenses.
  • $114,000 to increase the County’s 211 hotline services for the LA vs. Hate Program to provide victims of a hate crime with information and resources.
  • $2.5 million for the Cannabis Consumer Health and Safety Taskforce to improve quality of life issues and address the illegal dispensaries in the unincorporated areas countywide.
  • $217,000 to fund a position in the Department of Arts and Culture for the Cultural Policy program which is part of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative.
  • $2.4 million to expand the Office of Child Protection/ Department of Children and Family Services Upfront Family Finding program to ensure children are placed with their relatives when they come into foster care.
  • $33.8M in State Homeless Housing Assistance and Prevention funding for various housing assistance, including services for transitional age youth.
  • $14.2M for public safety reentry and custody programs, including the Sheriff’s Departments’ Substance Treatment and Reentry Transition program.
  • The budget also includes position transfers as the first step to standing up the new Economic and Workforce Development Department and the Department of Aging.

To view the supplemental budget resolution, click here.