LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Today, the LA County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion authored by Supervisor Hilda L. Solis and coauthored by Chair Janice Hahn to further align with President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on reducing gun violence.

The United States continues to lead the world in mass shootings resulting in firearms as the number one cause of death for children and teens. To date, there have been over 200 mass shootings in the nation.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, President Joe Biden announced that he was issuing an Executive Order on gun control as an additional tool to keep Americans safe from gun-related violence and harm when he visited the City of Monterey Park, the site of a tragic mass shooting that senselessly took 11 lives and injured nine people.

The Executive Order calls on Congress to take additional legislative action, including banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, requiring background checks for all gun sales, requiring safe storage of firearms, and expanding community violence intervention and prevention strategies.

On March 21, 2023, the Board of Supervisors directed County Counsel to report back on further actions they could take to align itself with the President’s Executive Order. Per the report back’s recommendations, the Board of Supervisors was recommended to take additional actions to support and align itself with President Biden’s Executive Order.

“Enough is enough. We need real solutions and real action. This is an epidemic. Implementing known and common-sense solutions to address mass shootings is what our residents deserve. I am proud of LA County’s collective record of standing with victims and survivors of gun violence and hope that through this motion, we can continue to make our communities safer,” said Supervisor Solis.

“I appreciate President Biden for doing everything within his power to prevent gun violence and we are aligning our efforts here at the County level with his executive action to make it as effective as possible. But we know that our work will fall short. We need a bill from Congress and every day that goes by without one means Americans will needlessly die from senseless and preventable gun violence,” said Chair Hahn.

The motion approved today directs County Counsel to join as amicus curiae in any appellate briefing to support and defend Assembly Bill (AB) 2571, which prohibits the firearm industry from advertising or marketing any firearm-related product to minors. Moreover, the motion directs LA County’s Treasurer and Tax Collector to publicly post the names and addresses of gun dealers in our unincorporated County who had their County business license revoked or suspended.

In addition, it directs LA County’s Chief Executive Office Legislative Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations Branch to support federal legislation in making permanent the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 and any other federal legislation prohibiting the marketing of firearms to minors. It also directs Countywide Communications within the Chief Executive Office to develop public awareness campaigns about safe storage laws.

Lastly, the motion directs LA County’s Department of Mental Health to work with the LA County Sheriff’s Department, LA County’s Fire Department, and other relevant departments to support the recovery, mental health, and other needs of first responders to incidents of gun violence.

To read the full motion, click here.