Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved her motion to direct County Counsel to file and/or join as plaintiff or as amicus in litigation opposing a proposed change to a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule that would deny subsidized housing to mixed-status households with one or more undocumented family members:

“This proposed HUD rule is a direct attack on vulnerable immigrant families who work hard to make ends meet, but need access to affordable housing to survive. This proposed rule would break up families and cause thousands to lose their homes, exacerbating our region’s homelessness crisis. This new regulation, if enacted, would force many immigrants to make an impossible choice: stay together as a family and face imminent eviction or separate so some family members can remain in the home.

Nationally, this proposal would harm the more than 55,000 children who are either U.S. citizens or legal residents living in a mixed-status household. These innocent children would face eviction under this mean-spirited proposal and would be at risk of homelessness. In Los Angeles County, thousands of public school students would lose the stability they need to be successful in life.

Though the Los Angeles County Development Authority serves a relatively small number of mixed-status families who live in unincorporated areas of the County and who receive federal housing assistance, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles estimates that nearly one-third of households in Los Angeles public housing are of mixed status and that more than 11,500 residents would be affected, if this rule would take effect.

This proposed regulation undermines HUD’s longstanding purpose and mission. Simply put, it is un-American. This proposal lacks any sense of morality and decency, and we will do everything in our power to fight this injustice. We will defend and protect all residents in LA County.”

Today’s action marks the 45th immigration motion Supervisor Solis has authored to protect, defend, and fight for the rights of immigrants since the 2016 presidential election. Her efforts include a $3 million dollar contribution to the LA Justice Fund and the creation of the first-ever County Office of Immigrant Affairs. To view a complete list of actions, please click here.