Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released this statement in support of this country’s 800,000 DREAMers whose lives are left hanging in the balance as the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments for and against DACA today:

“DREAMers embody the values of this country through their work ethic, their optimism, and unwavering loyalty to this nation. DACA recipients are military Veterans, medical students, and employees of Fortune 500 companies. DREAMers are our friends, family members, employers, and neighbors. DACA recipients were brought to this country as children, and they grew up in the United States. This country is their home.

The trio of consolidated DACA court cases brought before the U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether these 800,000 individuals should fear deportation. Many DREAMers may face deportation to a country where they lived for a brief time and where they may no longer have immediate family or a safe place to live. Depending on the outcome of the Supreme Court’s eventual ruling, DACA recipients could lose work permits and may struggle to support themselves and their families.

This is unlike any other Supreme Court case. The Supreme Court’s eventual ruling on DACA will extend to our idea of humanity, and who we are as a country – and who we aspire to be. As the proud daughter of immigrants, I know this country was built on the tremendous sacrifices of hard-working immigrants. Our nation’s 800,000 DACA recipients proudly fulfill that legacy every day.

The County of Los Angeles opposes this Administration’s misguided attempt to dismantle DACA. We will not stop fighting. I join in solidarity with educators, employers, medical professionals, students and community leaders in expressing our support of DACA.”

Supervisor Solis has authored and passed 45 motions at the Board of Supervisors to protect, defend, and fight for the rights of immigrants since the 2016 presidential election. Her efforts include a motion to create sensitive locations throughout the County, a $3 million dollar contribution to the LA Justice Fund, and the creation of the first-ever County Office of Immigrant Affairs. To view a complete list of these actions, please click here.

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Contact: Rosa Maria Santana, Deputy Communications Director, 213-359-0795 or rsantana@bos.lacounty.gov