Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, who also served as U.S. Secretary of Labor under President Obama, has worked to implement and expand a County pipeline for today’s students to enter the modern Information Technology (IT) workforce. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Community College District Trustees voted to expand this groundbreaking program to all 9 community colleges. Students at a total of 17 local colleges and universities now have access to this innovative program.

“On-the-job experience is a vital resume-builder that college students are eager to earn,” said Supervisor Solis. “As technology develops, we need bright minds to help us figure out innovative techniques to enhance the County’s IT systems and improve our service to the public. By expanding this program, County departments can benefit from today’s cutting-edge knowledge while providing these youth with the real life experience they need to succeed in their careers and beyond.”

There are 22 local colleges and universities that offer degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors. The County of Los Angeles, through its Academic Internship Program, had already created agreements with 8 of these educational institutions. Through yesterday’s agreement with the Los Angeles Community College District, the County will add an additional 9 community colleges whose students can participate in the blended IT learning assignments with one or more of the 35 departments of Los Angeles County.

“Thank you Supervisor Hilda Solis and the County of Los Angeles for your leadership and efforts in providing opportunities for our students. LACCD’s partnership with the County of Los Angeles is an important collaboration that has the potential to transform our students’ lives with real-world training and experience in the rapidly changing field of Information Technology. Students will earn course credit and job skills and will benefit in years to come by participating in this prestigious internship opportunity with the County of Los Angeles,” LACCD Board of Trustees President Michael Fong said.

The 17 local schools that now have Academic Internship Program agreements with LA County are:

3. CSU Dominguez Hills
4. CSU Long Beach
5. CSU Pomona
7. USC
8. CSU Bakersfield (Antelope Valley Campus)
9. LA City College
10. Harbor Community College
11. Trade Tech College
12. East LA College
13. West LA College
14. Mission Community College
15. Pierce Community College
16. Southwest Community College
17. Los Angeles Valley College

On October 17, 2017, the Board of Supervisors approved Supervisor Solis’ motion creating an IT pilot program with Cal State LA. Recognizing that LA County is strategically positioned to offer advanced educational and research opportunities in areas such as civic and social research, computer engineering, cyber security, smart infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and other evolving technologies, the Board also identified IT as a key strategic resource in improving services delivery to the over 10 million residents of LA County.

As a result of this pilot program, three blended IT learning assignments were successfully completed, including (1) a mobile-friendly web app for Geographical Photo Archive System for the Public Library, (2) digital interactive directories at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration for the Executive Office of the Board, and (3) usage tracking for Parks and Recreation vehicles to reduce manual processes and provide web access to enter data. These innovations set the potential for extending IT learning assignments to other academic institutions beginning with local universities, technical colleges, and trade schools. The Board approved this expansion to 8 colleges and universities on February 20, 2018.

Earlier this week, the Board of Supervisors accepted a report from the County Department of Human Resources and the Internal Services Department on the County’s efforts to expand this program via additional partnerships with academic and research institutions.


CONTACT:  Michael Kapp, Communications Director, (213) 974-4111 or mkapp@bos.lacounty.gov