Supervisor Solis leads response as LA County says #FamiliesBelongTogether

The Trump Administration’s decision to separate parents and their children because they had crossed the U.S-Mexico border has had a heart wrenching and deeply harmful impact. As a result, thousands of children are being separated from their parents, held in detention centers, and suffering mass trauma. In some cases, these children are in search of their parents, and attempting suicide. In response, today the Board of Supervisors approved a motion, authored by Supervisor Hilda L. Solis and co-authored by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, to send a 5-signature letter to the Federal Government opposing the separation of children and their parents.

“The images captured at the border document inhumane practices and cruelty to children. These families are simply trying to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones,” said Supervisor Solis. “Yet President Trump’s indefensible decision has resulted in two thousand grave injustices of children being physically torn away from their parents, kicking and screaming, and in some cases locked up in cages. With today’s absence of moral leadership in the White House, Los Angeles County will do what we can to help these children. ‘Families belong together’ is much more than a slogan, it’s an American value. These families must be reunited as soon as possible.”

“The County Board of Supervisors is determined to protect immigrant children and families in our community despite the White House’s draconian policy mandating the separation of children from their parents at the US–Mexico border,” said Supervisor Kuehl. “Ripping children from their parents’ arms is not only immoral and cruel, it shows the lack of any kind of normal humanity in this President’s policies. This County Board must do everything we can to condemn and fight this policy.”

Every living former First Lady – Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama – has condemned this practice, calling it “cruel,” “immoral,” “disgraceful,” and a “humanitarian crisis.” Furthermore, Melania Trump said that she hates to see children separated from their parents, and said that she believes we need to be a country that “governs with heart.”

In today’s motion, the Supervisors will send a 5-signature letter to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, the Senate and House Leadership, and the Los Angeles County Congressional Delegation declaring the County’s official opposition to the separation of immigrant children from their parents. In addition, the County’s Department of Children and Family Services, along with the Office of Immigrant Affairs, will report back to the Board on children who were separated from their parents at the border and who may be in LA County foster care. The County will offer assistance where possible. Lastly, the Office of Immigrant Affairs is tasked to contact the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement and request permission to have the Health Agency visit shelters to offer assistance to any minors that could be released into the custody of relatives in Los Angeles County and deliver services in a trauma-informed manner.

Today’s motion marks the 26th immigration motion Supervisor Solis has authored to protect, defend, and fight for the rights of immigrants since the 2016 presidential election. Her efforts include a motion to create sensitive locations throughout the County, a $3 million dollar contribution to the LA Justice Fund, and the creation of the first-ever County Office of Immigrant Affairs. To view a complete list of these actions, please click here.


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