Los Angeles County to Address the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Through Action by Supervisor Solis

Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved her motion directing the Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the Department of Health Services and the Department of Mental Health, to report back in 30 days regarding COVID-19 survivors and long-term symptoms and the need for services that these survivors may require, including the feasibility of collecting data from COVID-19 survivors regarding long-term symptoms:

“Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that the effects of COVID-19 can last weeks to months among survivors, with many often unable to return to their daily lives.

Across the globe, even those with initially mild illness are reporting continued issues. The impact of these long-term COVID-19 symptoms, popularly termed Long-Haul COVID, is substantial – sometimes more severe than the initial illness itself.

The underlying cause and risk factors for Long-Haul COVID are not well understood, and no public information exists regarding rates among Los Angeles County residents.

With the passage motion, Los Angeles County hopes to learn more about how this virus is affecting our communities in the long-term and plan for possible services specific to long-term COVID-19 symptoms.”


To view the motion, click here.

Contact: Kimberly Ortega, Acting Director of Communications, KOrtega@bos.lacounty.gov

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