Multi-Modal Transportation Coming to Los Angeles County

In an effort to meet State-wide environmental goals, Los Angeles County is shifting to greener and cleaner, multi-modal transportation. However, planning a well-integrated, countywide transportation system that is accessible and efficient, as well as equitable and cost-effective is not an easy task.

Historically, the majority of transportation funding in LA County is dedicated to high cost, capital intense projects such as rail, roads and highways while less than 1% of funding is dedicated toward improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Due to the unequivocal public and environmental health benefits, there’s a growing emphasis on active transportation such as walking and biking, transit oriented development and complete streets corridors. Within the last couple years, Metro has adopted a Complete Streets Policy, a First & Last Mile Strategic Plan, an Open Streets Program, and soon to consider an Active Transportation Strategic Plan. With a robust policy framework in place, Metro is better positioned to sensibly and aggressively invest in programs and infrastructure that truly encourage active transportation, connections to transit, and living near transit, which in turns contributes to a truly multi-modal transportation system in Los Angeles County.