Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after she read-in a motion at today’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, to be voted on by the Board of Supervisors at next week’s meeting on April 30th, that supports SB 276 (Pan) which would protect public health by boosting childhood immunization rates, and directs the LA County Department of Public Health to report back on comprehensive efforts to prevent measles in the County:

“In 2000, measles was declared eliminated in North America. Since January 2019, however, there have been over 600 reported cases in the United States, including several cases in LA County. Unvaccinated people, especially children and pregnant women, are at the highest risk for measles and complications from measles.

Next week, the Board of Supervisors will vote on my motion to support state legislation that will enhance school immunization requirements by implementing a standardized statewide medical exemption form. It is my hope that by centralizing this process, we can ensure more children and more people are protected from this potentially-deadly disease.

We have the tools and the medical knowledge to defend against the measles. In 2019, in Los Angeles County and in the United States, no one should have to suffer from this disease.”