Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors passed her motion to study the feasibility of establishing a localized Pilot Parking Enforcement District and a Parking Benefit District in unincorporated East Los Angeles:

“After four community meetings and detailed surveys to identify City Terrace residents’ priorities and suggestions to improve local parking conditions, LA County has a better idea of how best to serve the needs of our community members.

While we continue working with East LA residents to identify improvements to parking conditions, we will study strengthening parking enforcement and innovative ways to manage parking spaces. We will address the need for additional parking enforcement by exploring how we can expand the numbers of parking control officers, those who can enforce parking restrictions, in East LA.

I also want to ensure that revenues from meters, citations, parking lots, and other sources that are collected within East LA are re-invested into East LA. This could lead to the development and implementation of streetscaping projects, sidewalk cleaning, signage installation, parking infrastructure improvements, and more to improve parking and transit within the entire community.

For too long, parking has been a headache for too many. With this study, we are taking an additional step towards alleviating this burden and improving the quality of life for residents of East Los Angeles.”