On August 4, 2015, Supervisors Hilda L. Solis and Michael D. Antonovich co-authored a motion in response to the tragic deaths of Tracy Nguyen and Katie Dix at the Hard Summer Festival on August 1 and 2, 2015 at the Fairplex in Pomona. The motion, which passed by a unanimous 5-0 vote, directed the Interim CEO and Interim County Counsel to report back on a number of issues including the ability to temporarily prohibit Electronic Music Festivals on County property while examining whether additional safety measures could be implemented to create a safe environment for all patrons. It also instructed the Interim Director of Public Health to explore options for creating an educational campaign to heighten awareness about the adverse effects of Ecstasy and other drugs.

We have received information back concerning these issues and continue to discuss the safety and health concerns that may occur at these events.

There are two Live Nation Electronic Music Festival events scheduled to occur at the Fairplex in the next few months. One on September 10, 2015, and a second two-day event on October 31 and November 1, 2015.

The Fair Association and Live Nation have voluntarily agreed to cancel the September 10, 2015 event and have agreed to significant conditions to address health and safety concerns at the second event. These conditions include the following:

-Attendance will be decreased from 65,000 to 40,000 per day.

-The event will be limited to persons age 21 and over.

-There will be increased cooling stations, shaded areas, misting stations and free water readily available to all attendees.

-To address community concerns in the neighborhoods surrounding the Fairplex and for the safety of all attendees, fees for parking at the Fairplex are now included in the price of the ticket to the event.

-Anti-drug/drug education messaging will be produced and distributed in consultation with the County’s Department of Public Health.

-Event hours will be reduced.

-Enhanced security and emergency medical services will be onsite.

-Agreeing to collaborate with the County on the development of health and safety measures and allow the County to have ongoing input in the planning process leading up to this event.

In addition, the Fair Association and Live Nation have assured the County that they will actively support and enforce these additional conditions.

We continue to study this issue and the propriety of continuing to hold such events on County property. We are considering additional health and safety measures. We are also considering the creation of a specialized task force that will include health and safety representatives from the County’s Departments of Public Health, Health Services, Fire and Sheriff.

While the Board supports musical events in the County, what is of paramount importance is the health and safety of the youth attending these events. ###