Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved her motion to begin the process to establish a Los Angeles County Youth Climate Commission:

“We know that low-income communities and communities of color are suffering the most severe impacts from a changing climate, and it is our youth who will bear the full impact of the climate crisis.

More than two million LA County residents are youth under the age of 18, and they are far from passive observers when it comes to addressing climate change. I am so proud of our youth who are mobilizing, organizing, and rising up to demand that policymakers act now on climate change.

With our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, membership in the County Climate Coalition, and our recent adoption of an ambitious regional sustainability plan, Los Angeles County is not just a regional leader in the fight against the climate crisis, but we are a national and international force for positive change to protect our environment.

By inviting a diverse group of youth stakeholders to the table, we are creating an historic opportunity for LA County to become the epicenter of a sustainable revolution: a greener world in which we improve health outcomes, foster economic vitality through clean energy jobs, and put a stop to the evolving climate crisis – led and shaped by LA County’s youth.

Our youth are an eternal source of hope and motivation. It is through their leadership that we can ensure a healthier, greener world for all.”