Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after she voted ‘No’ on $30 million in funding towards the Mental Health Treatment Facility, also known as the new LA County jail plan, during today’s Budget Deliberations:

“Based on my conversations with mental health professionals who work with the population in our custody, as well as national and international best practices and data already collected by the County’s Office of Diversion & Re-entry, I am more and more convinced that mental health care cannot be done effectively within a custody environment. The most impactful and successful strategy continues to be ‘care first, jail last.’ While Men’s Central Jail must be demolished, we should not move forward with planning or funding for a jail without required investments in creating a decentralized countywide continuum of non-custody community-based care facilities. Further, data collection and community input is needed to better inform what a modern criminal justice system in LA County should look like. Without these prerequisites, we do not know what this project would, or should, look like – and therefore it is premature to fund any part of it.”


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