Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved her motion to send a five-signature letter to representatives in Washington D.C. expressing LA County’s strong support of H.R. 2702, the Family First Transition and Support Act:

“In September 2019, the County of Los Angeles stands to lose its Title IV-E Waiver – a federal waiver that has led to positive reform in our child welfare system. The Department of Children and Family Services has operated the waiver since 2007, and since then we have seen a 53 percent decrease in the average length of stay for children placed in foster care.

We must not go back.

H.R. 2702 is companion legislation to S. 1376, which would expand upon the successes we have experienced under the Title IV-E Waiver. Last month, this Board approved another one of my motions that sent a five-signature letter in support of S. 1376. H.R. 2702 would eliminate an antiquated rule determining federal foster care eligibility that discriminates against low-income families, and would provide tangible support to those in our child welfare system, such as child care for kin caregivers.

H.R. 2702 is a thoughtful, comprehensive, and exciting piece of legislation. I commend Congresswoman Karen Bass for authoring H.R. 2702, as well as her many years of leadership on this issue.

I urge Congress and the White House to pass and sign both H.R. 2702 and S. 1376 into law. Our foster children and our families deserve nothing less.”