Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors approved the Los Angeles Region Safe, Clean Water Program Implementation Ordinance:

“Together, to support the implementation of Measure W, this Board and our diverse LA County communities have worked together to strategically engage in policy, past practice, and making key investments, which have led the way in raising up issues of equity, dignity for all, and lifting up our most vulnerable populations. Because of the commitment of the taxpayers and voters of LA County, we will deliver more comprehensive, community-serving and livable projects addressing the multi-faceted needs of all of our communities, with special emphasis to our most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

In carrying out Measure W implementation, we must use policies and procedures that promote the principle of equity and offer nature-based solutions, develop high-quality jobs, and are shaped by sustained community engagement. Importantly, the ordinance includes a requirement to work with stakeholders and Watershed Coordinators to identify high priority locations for water-quality improvement projects relative to disadvantaged communities.

As we begin to implement Measure W, we must target and direct projects where they can make the greatest impact on improving the overall health and wellness of our most underserved residents. Everyone deserves access to safe, clean water. Together, we will uphold and deliver the promise of Measure W.”