Over the past several weeks, a wave of sexual harassment claims have swept the nation and heightened awareness to address these issues. In order to ensure that the Los Angeles County’s own sexual harassment procedures are strong and transparent the Board of Supervisors passed a motion, authored by Supervisor Hilda L. Solis and co-authored by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, to examine current practices.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of my constituents and our County employees,” said Supervisor Solis. “There is zerotolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace, and we will ensure that our current reporting process is as efficient as possible. The goal is to provide a positive workplace culture of respect and fair treatment that encourages the resolution of problems at the earliest opportunity.”

“Several years ago, LA County put a strong procedure in place to address complaints of sexual harassment,” said Supervisor Kuehl. “We want to make very sure that our rules reflect current best practices and that we remain at the forefront of ensuring a respectful work culture for everyone.”

Currently, the County Policy of Equity and the County Equity Oversight Panel (“CEOP”) allows employees to file complaints on their own, to any manager and even anonymously. It also requires managers to report possible violations. Today’s motion directs the CEOP, County Counsel, and the Department of Human Resources to provide a report next week on the County’s current process, including a description of current practices and detailed opinions on what, if any, improvements should be considered.


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