Los Angeles County is home to over 3 million immigrants that represent European, Middle-Eastern, Latin-American, and Asian and Pacific Islander nations. It is estimated that nearly one million of those immigrants are undocumented. The recent presidential election has provoked fear and protest among many of the County’s immigrant residents. As a result, the Board of Supervisors voted today to approve a motion by Supervisors Hilda L. Solis and Sheila Kuehl to ensure a countywide plan to protect all immigrants of Los Angeles County and look into the possibility of creating a county-level Office of Immigrant Affairs.

“This motion marks the first step of many that we will take to defend our immigrant communities and their rights,” said Supervisor Solis. “The goal is to protect immigrants who form a large part of our work force, immigrant children who attend our schools and immigrant taxpayers who play a key role in keeping our economy, government, and society running.”

Supervisor Kuehl added, “Many people in our county are facing new uncertainties in the wake of the presidential election. This makes it even more important for the County to take steps to protect the immigrant populations who came to this country, as my parents’ families did, to work hard and build a better life for their children. As we wait to see the actions the Federal government may take, it’s incumbent on the County to take every proactive measure possible to ensure that the rights of all the residents of LA County are, and will be, protected.”

This motion will direct the County to take an urgent look at what changes, revisions, or additions need to be made prior to the inauguration. The multi-faceted motion calls for an analysis from different County departments, a new Task Force, and protection of identities and data of all immigrants in the County. The Office of Education, Chief Information Officer, County Counsel and the Sheriff’s Department will report back to the board in 30 days with their findings and determine the best strategy to defend Los Angeles County immigrants. Under this motion, the County DACA Task Force will transition into the Immigrant Protection and Advancement Task Force, which would be responsible for developing and recommending strategies for protecting immigrants as well as looking into the feasibility of creating an Office or Department of Immigrant Affairs.

Many of the election promises made by President-Elect Donald Trump during his campaign would, if enacted, have devastating consequences for Los Angeles County—not just for immigrant communities, but for the entire economy, safety net, and well-being of the community. In preparing for the new administration, County of Los Angeles departments will work together to plan, strategize, and put in effect their best safety plans.


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